PCB to lodge a protest with ICC over crowd trouble in Sharjah

crowd trouble

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja said on Thursday that he will lodge a protest over the crowd trouble and “gruesome visuals” following the Afghanistan-Pakistan game at the Asia Cup, ESPNcricinfo reported.

“Hooliganism should not be associated with cricket, and the current environment is terrible.” “We will write to the ICC, express our worries, and do whatever we can since the photos were horrible,” Raja said during a news conference in Lahore.

“This [crowd disturbance after an Afghanistan-Pakistan game] isn’t the first time it’s happened. Wins and losses are inevitable in sports. It was a tough competition, but emotions should have been kept in check. You can’t grow and progress as a cricket-playing nation until the setting is correct.

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“As a result, we will convey our sadness and dissatisfaction to the ICC.” Anything might have occurred, and we owe it to our followers… This activity posed danger to our team. We will check and follow the procedure in this regard.”

Raja is also part of the ICC’s working committee that oversees the state of cricket and how it is run in Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover.

Following a spectacular finish in last night’s game, angry Afghan fans lost it and started throwing chairs at Pakistani spectators. As a result, several Afghanistan fans were detained by the Sharjah police following the incident. However, no arrests were made.